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Embark EMR

Embark EMR is a disruptively affordable Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software tailored for mental and physical health therapists. It offers essential features at unbeatable value, including effortless scheduling, automated appointment reminders, client portal access, prebuilt templates, documentation options, administrative tools, and practitioner tools. The system focuses on simplifying practice management without unnecessary complexity or costs, empowering practitioners to streamline their workflow and deliver exceptional care.  

Embark EMR currently serves 100s of therapists across the country and is actively growing its feature base to better serve its users.

My Therapy Biller

A premier directory designed specifically for medical billers seeking to expand their client base within the therapy and medical practitioner sectors. By joining, billing companies gain access to a targeted audience of professionals who are actively seeking efficient and reliable billing solutions. At My Therapy Biller, we understand the importance of matching the right biller with the right practice. We offer billers visibility and reach in a specialized market, enhancing potential for growth and new partnerships. 

By listing services on My Therapy Biller, billing companies position their business in front of a dedicated audience that values expertise and quality in medical billing. We empower billers to showcase capabilities and differentiate their offerings, ensuring they can reach the right clients effectively and efficiently.

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Axenomic (Acquired)

Axenomic is a dynamic platform designed to streamline procurement for small businesses by leveraging Amazon.com’s API. It enables businesses to create a personalized directory of frequently purchased products, simplifying the reordering process. By saving individual items to a custom list, Axenomic eliminates the need for administrators and business owners to search for essential products or remember specific product numbers, such as ink for a vareity of printers they may have in use. Users can easily create a profile on Axenomic and select items from their custom store of business essentials, with orders seamlessly fulfilled by Amazon. This innovative solution ensures that businesses can efficiently manage their supplies, saving time and reducing hassle.

Practice Partner AI

At PracticePartner.AI, innovation meets expertise to redefine business coaching for private practice owners. Our journey began in the hands of a diverse team of founders—private practice owners themselves, seasoned entrepreneurs, and professional business coaches. United by a common vision, we embarked on a mission to democratize access to expert business advice, making it available anytime, without the hefty price tag of traditional consulting.

With this goal in mind, PracticePartner.AI was born—a HIPAA compliant conversational artificial intelligence meticulously designed to serve as your personal business coach. Our AI isn’t just any digital assistant; it’s a distillation of decades of real-world experience and best practices in business coaching. 

Users leverage the AI to help with anything from traditional business coaching to marketing, generating a logo to writing their patient notes.  Practice Partner aims to step into many roles to streamline and augment operating a private practice.

Additional Assets

The Pragmatic Practitioner

A go-to resource for running a cost-effective private practice. Our blog offers practical advice and smart financial strategies to help you maximize profits while maintaining high-quality care.

Additional Assets

Additional Assets

Psychiatric, Mental & Behavioral Health Professionals Group (41k Members): A dynamic Facebook community where professionals in the psychiatric, mental, and behavioral health fields come together to share insights, support, and best practices.

The Practical Occupational Therapist (16k Members): This Facebook group is dedicated to occupational therapy professionals focused on integrating research concepts into daily practice, fostering a practical approach to occupational therapy.